This creates a BenchmarkResult from a batchtools::ExperimentRegistry. To setup the benchmark have a look at batchmark.

reduceBatchmarkResults(ids = NULL, keep.pred = TRUE, = getMlrOption(""),
  reg = batchtools::getDefaultRegistry())



(data.frame or integer)
A base::data.frame (or data.table::data.table) with a column named “”. Alternatively, you may also pass a vector of integerish job ids. If not set, defaults to all successfully terminated jobs (return value of batchtools::findDone.


Keep the prediction data in the pred slot of the result object. If you do many experiments (on larger data sets) these objects might unnecessarily increase object size / mem usage, if you do not really need them. In this case you can set this argument to FALSE. Default is TRUE.

Print verbose output on console? Default is set via configureMlr.


Registry, created by batchtools::makeExperimentRegistry. If not explicitly passed, uses the last created registry.



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